Monday, October 22, 2012

How to Identify Shirt Fabrics


Shirt has a lot of exquisite, especially in fabrics ,should notice more, when choosing a shirt  we should first concern fabrics,then design, the last is color. Of course according to our  different preferences and skin color, temperament and so on,we must do a integrated consideration.

For cotton fabric, the weight and weave is different ,so it has a big difference when making for shirts. Also,its tactile and visual is different.

1, chambray

Vertical with dyeing cotton yarn, transverse with white cotton yarn ,Light and soft, slight luster.The most common combination is blue cotton yarn and white cotton yarn .

2, Oxford

It is commonly used by button collar shirt .Its grain is thick, and the color is white, blue, pink, yellow, green, grey etc., mostly for light color. Also,it is soft, ventilation, durable and loved by many young man.

3, gingham

With dyeing cotton and white cotton woven shirt. Color is white and red, white and blue, white and black, etc. Not only can be used as a sport shirt, also suitable for dress shirt.

4, cossas
The most common shirting, usually is white.The cotton is more fine, feel more soft. a higher level of coarse weave cossas near the feel of silk. Custom made shirts are used for dress occasions.

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