Sunday, March 31, 2013

Solid Light Blue Custom Shirt For Men

 Custom Shirt For Men

Made of 100%cotton ,durable and comfortable .It features french cuff and white collar. Proper for social parties.this type shirt absolutely can make a good impression is custom tailored which gives a perfect fit.


Friday, March 29, 2013

The Essential Standard Black Custom Suit

The Essential Standard Black Custom Suit

It is made of good quality wool which refects rich and gives a nice and soft touch,A black suit is a must have suit for every man for the daily wearing.Besides it is tailored made according to your specific measurements.Fit suit always makes you look sharp and vigorous.To be impressive when you meet your clients,a tailored suit is what you want.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Solid Dark Gray Tailored Shirt

 Gray Tailored Shirt
$ USD 69.00
Fabric: 100%cotton
Occasion: social and casual
Solid dark gray shirt.Dark tone always can reflect maturity and sophiscation sophisticaiton.As a bespoke dress shirt,it increases peasonality.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Get a Perfect Fit for As Your Body Shape Type - European style suit

As per the pattern ,there are sub Japanese version and the European version, the biggest difference is that the Japanese version of the suit generally fit the waist, while the European version of the suit generally does not fit the waist, the Japanese version of the suit after the clothing and body length is one centimeter shorter.han the European version of the suit Chunky shape of a man. These men should not be too long in the selection of T-shirt, it is best not to cover the buttocks, and people will look deepened heap, not to mention gas, not the spirit. If you wear a suit, the best color is not too bright. Will visually exaggerate the width of the body.
custom suit

The figure lean men. These men fit to wear the shirt waist, wearing should note that the length of the jacket should not cover the hips, then they figure will appear shorter. male-shaped cheese mainly in the color selection of Hand made suits and other bright colors to light gray, black, dark blue, dark gray and dark tones of clothes for vice lanky type and high-fat-man, said first lanky frame, class man body giving the impression of a particularly thin. Suit thing, was propped up will seem more impressive man. 

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What Men Will Be Wearing This Spring

Bad economic news is expected to bolster sales of so-called “retro styles.”
Guys, get ready to pull out those Bermuda shorts.
Retro style, dating to the 1930s, will make a comeback this spring. The reason: Hemorrhaging 401ks and massive layoffs make guys crave the security of the old and familiar. A bit of fashion nostalgia helps men dream of earlier, better times.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Solid Industrial Gray Suits For Men

Gray Suits For Men
$ USD 299.00
Fabric: 100%wool
Wool Yarn:super100s
Occasion: business and social
Solid industrial Gray Suit,essential for businessmen.Gray tone always can embody a sophistication.Its 100%wool and full-canvassed craftsmanship make s the besopke suit touch soft and smooth as weel as durable is professional in bespoke suit,exclusive designed,full canvas wedding suit Top quality suits for men -choose us and believe us

Friday, March 22, 2013

Solid Light Brown Custom Suits

Brown Custom Suits

Brown Custom Suits

$ USD 299.00
Fabric: 100%wool
Wool Yarn:super100s
Occasion: business
Classic style and color for custom suits.Traditional business suit. Black color shows a broad-minded and steady image. also matthewaperry`s excellent fit promise and fast shipping can be assure you have a nice purchased a product online

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Change Your Style With Suits

When it comes to costumes, in general do not like to stick to a particular style, but change your costume fashion style. Bats are more like the men and women of today's world. When choosing a custom suits  fashion, you must believe certain things to make the perfect outfit for you. Some tips for choosing a fashion suit are:
gray suitWhen choosing an outfit, imagine the fabric of the suit. Choose dress fabric made of how the climate where you live and your budget. Cotton suits are fine for keeping warm in winter and cool in summer. Linen suits is suitable for hot summer days and humid. Wool suits are suitable for windy climates. Choose the fabric of the dress that suits your body throughout the year depending on where you live.
gray suitTherefore give the color of the dress by choosing a costume. Decide the color according to your costume hair color and eye color. Costumes of certain materials in specific colors look better. For example, white, black, gray and navy blue

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Choose perfectly Suit with Tie

There are many components complex in achieving the perfect shirt. Bright whites, vivid colors, crisp collars and cuffs, properly united French cuffs, accurate starch levels, smooth plackets, and button check up some of the factors that require constant attention.

Our premium shirt service demonstrates our attention to these countless of details by providing properly-sized collar stays, repairing missing, cracked, or broken buttons, and mending seams or holes. Cuffs and collars are always pressed with exactness. At perfect shirt is not a mistake it is the result of the intensive efforts of many players.

custom made suit

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ties And Suits

tailored suit

Working with neckties is extremely an issue of individual taste, but in conservative expressions there are some essential guiding principle. Ties should constantly be darker when compared to the wearer's shirt. The background color of the tie should not be the similar as that of the shirt, while the foreground of the tie should have the color of the shirt and thus "pick up" on the color of the shirt. Ideally, the tie should also incorporate the color of the suit in the same way. Normally, simple or subdued pattern are chosen for traditional dress.

In modern times however, it has become fashionable to match the necktie color with the shirt or even wearing a lighter colored tie with a darker shirt, generally during formal occasion. A few of the most common knots are the Half-Windsor, the Windsor, Four-in-hand and the Shelby or Pratt. A Four-in-hand, Half-Windsor, or Windsor is usually the most suitable with a tailored suit. Once correctly knotted and arranged, the bottom of the tie must just touch the top of the belt buckle. The thin end should not widen below the wide end.

It has become stylish to wear a suit with no tie and with an unlock necked shirt amongst young men.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Men Suits

men suits

Costume men suits is a garment born in England, which is made of the same material. The application is based on the English word Follow French, "continue". The pantsuit is for pants, jacket, and occasionally a vest.

men suits

Its variant, costume, costume, three-piece suit and a dress two-piece design and indicate cut the fabric that determine their social skills and work. Usually, man suit is worn with a collared shirt, tie and hat. However, throughout the 20th century, the lid fell traditional style competition dandy men.

men suits

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to Collocate the Suit With Accessories

tailored shirt

A.If you're wearing a dark plaid suit with plain or striped pattern  tailored shirt and tie is very beautiful.
B plaid shirt with twill tie, shirt formula ruled grid pattern tie, though they are straight lines, but lines direction changes, not the dull monotony.
C dark grid pattern shirt with a pattern tie. Concealed compartment as plain processing, printing, or flower pattern tie best with plain shirt here. If the distribution grid or line of shirts, how many people will be a little dazzled.

tailored shirt

The color of the tie or shirt or jacket with the same color or contrast
A .tie and jacket colors with the colors, different patterns with the law: the background color of the tie is light brown and same color twill jacket with a white shirt appeared to be very gentle.
B. tie and shirt color the same color, different patterns with the law: yellow plain tie with yellow striped shirt, people appeared to be very refreshing.
C. tie the color, the pattern is completely different from shirts and jackets to contrast with the law: a mix of the two anti-traditional. Dark red plaid shape tie with white stripes gray shirt and gray jacket, revealing chic eclectic.
Plain dress shirt and tie and suit with the law, are plain shirt with a variety of patterns, colors tie the match. The color of the shirt and tie, or the same color or colors and tie are very nice contrast. Whether with stripes, squares or flower-shaped pattern also can not go wrong.
If you choose to have a variety of colors and patterns ties the note pattern in any color shirt or suit color, the effect would be the icing on the cake.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Trouser suit

A pantsuit, also recognized as a trouser suit, is a woman's suit of clothing consisting of trousers and a identical or coordinating coat or sheathing. The pantsuit was very fashionable in the 1920s, during the Roaring Twenties when women took on a novel role wearing pantsuits, cap, and even using wicker

Andre Courreges introduced long trousers for women as a fashion thing in the late 1960s, and over the next 40 years pantsuits steadily became suitable business wear for women. In 1966, designer Yves Saint-Laurent introduced his Le Smoking, a twilight pantsuit for women that mimicked a man's tuxedo. More recently, Hillary Rodham Clinton is famous for her trademark blue pantsuits.
trouser suit

trouser suit

Friday, March 8, 2013

All about Mens Suit

Every man wants at least an elegant costume, high class, whether for work or a special moment. Suits for men are one of the most important formal basic wear men's clothing. Mens suit ready is readily available and designed with the new model. Suits projects the confidence and power in the company and virility in fashion formal occasions.

suits for men


The selection of men's suits suitable for clothing is very essential human traits. Be fashionable business suits colors and different materials: a man may seem to be the best. The costume opus dynamic man joins the natural comfort and elasticity of quality materials with modernity. This game helps men maintain their fashion and quality, maintain its shape, breathe naturally, and to ensure freedom of movement. With a damp sponge and super detailed to match the styles for men can be contrasted with the best. Cloakroom business should ideally suits for shirts excellence, opulence, Chinese, jackets, vests, dresses, shoes and tuxedos.

suits for men

Know the details of costumes for men fabric, collar style, jacket, any button single-breasted or double-breasted other pant suits for men costumes created are very essential to choose the best match to suit your personality.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Shirt styles for different occasions

Formal occasions: to attend a wedding, a cocktail or prom, you should use a formal dress shirt. First, the color of the shirt should be white with the support of a cocktail dress with beautiful female partners; cloth or coarse cotton yarn, depending on your jacket fabric:
If you wear a tuxedo, you can take a heavy cotton shirt, other styles of jackets, then take control of the race. Want to bring a little more elegant with a silk shirt. Furthermore, it must be a French cuffs with cufflinks. Receptions and other social events, you can wear bright colors twins shells or stones at weddings and other occasions, it may take a couple of gems color inks or metallic black sports cap. Finally, please note, not a shirt pocket.

Business opportunities: to attend the general meeting or a business seminar, shirts can relax a bit. The color can be white or colored light cotton yarn fabric, yarn or thick, but we recommend you use a yarn quality significantly. Second, using the double wrist lock, substantially stable, you can also opt to use twins, taste more. The best deal you get.The opportunities for leisure and business: office workers in the shirt can be a lot of changes. Color can be optional, but it is best not to use the most visible color (red) thick cotton yarn or cotton, can be used for simple wrist curls are best left to more formal occasions. Shirt pocket, and convenient to put some small items.
Casual occasions: the usual cup of coffee to go out, wear custom shirts should be very relaxed. Color can mix and match, not requirements. The fabric may be cotton or cotton yarn thick, too heavy. One button cuffs cuffs or can ignore European antiques are despised, short-sleeved shirt. Do not get too stiff.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Made To Measure Suits

Choice of styleTailored suits for the first two single loop line is the safest option, choosing the style you need good communication skills and abilities, because the other options, the first shop personalized please respect the simple principle, try to achieve. If they like without the old style, which can be achieved through a communication consider work.
Select the jobSelect the content of the work, do not forget that the moral fabric suppliers have very easily have over a thousand options, but you can get through the reserve. But good hand is not easy to achieve, and more respect. At the same time, the monomer used to fit the customized version of custom thrust of time and work product, the price is too high multi, plus the version of the implementation of the appropriate type course, it is the soul costumes customs men at the same time, the process of a store to reflect the attitude of the people. Clothing similar to a la carte restaurant, the chef selection menu, fast and simple, if the food is tasteless by, customization is a completely different experience.

ade to measure suitsChoose their own initiative, to eat vegetables, what oil, equipment, procedures, methods of processing, cooking time, the oven, even how the oscillation is totally his decision, the leader is the executor, same dish, the same material in the same way, since the object of the head produced a number of subtle differences in order to achieve the aim of changing the entire plate. Therefore, for a variety of dishes, choose a different leader, but also an important role. (Of course, there will be the head may refuse to serve because he insisted on the personal style)