Friday, August 30, 2013

Costume Super 160

the jacket
Here we see a blue pinstripe cheap custom suit navy chalk Super 160. Cutting four buttons boutonnants is crossed high enough and has two trapezoidal slots 30 cm involved a very dandy silhouette. Associated with the very slim fit , this sponsorship gives the suit one year later 40 very Cary Grant. In the same spirit , the English very high and pronounced us back to Fred Astaire and at a time when elegance was obvious . It should be emphasized here that while the English have continued to go down over time , Gerard Sene remains loyal to the British high even on its straight jackets.
Later in detail, we see a montage while free, with ruffles interlinings and armholes built by hand. The padding is minimized , just enough to keep the jacket, giving shoulders straight , but built super light . The installation of traditional sleeves here is very close fitting shirt . If the cross section has the advantage of playing with the Overlap to give to need a little comfort , Sene takes great care of his armholes , so that the garment move naturally with the body to be forgotten .
Lining, always coordinated with Sené with stripes or tone on tone pretty bright color is blue sky here . Fans can also fall under the red piping inside pockets : a gimmick house Sené refuses to run through or coarse to ensure the flexibility of the jacket , preferring a lining fabric . "It is not worth working flexibility excessive and put a yoke that will stiffen the case and make marks on the fabric ," says the person .

Empire of mismatched

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Empire of mismatched

We are there for the third year Stiff Collar. The opportunity today to reflect on the fashion of the moment, or rather directions cheap custom suits habits of men, but for three years the crisis raged. A crisis in the textile industry pretty hard, especially the middle class, precisely that we manufacture in Europe and France, when the high-end and low-end (one to the another and another to a curious right?) are doing well.

Anyway, I recently walked Marbeuf Paris street known for its line of shops and tailors - which Cifonelli - Men. The conclusion is simple: the Italian look is everywhere. If I thought it was admirable in the beginning, it is clear that this is boring in the long run, especially when the French houses (Arthur & Fox, Hartwood, Smalto etc ...) are getting into, is in no way seek more innovative really helped, it must be said by Loro Piana, which looks official supplier of all these signs.

The Italians developed the new concept of 'sport chic' false-new approach to the clothing that comes directly from the English mismatched code: jacket + pants only. The premium comfort and simplicity. Why not at the bottom. It must be admitted that the suit 'still', already invented for its simplicity is on the decline, as the tie. People are looking for comfort, to focus on their work and / or soften a rather exhausting day, especially in cities. Comfort is enhanced by more technical products, with zips, laser inserts, plasticizers, waterproofing etc ...

But that means spoiling? This is indeed a more difficult task than to don a costume, especially if one takes the trouble to think about its implementation. Because obviously, it is possible to put on a t-shirt with jeans. But then, no art, no finesse or research. Yet this is what has long characterized human civilizations. In contrast, think of a single jacket is a job, a real job, maybe even harder than the plain gray or blue together. What color to the jacket, which cut what grounds, select what details? This is not easy. Most of the time, the tie is no longer used with mismatched sets, it removes a thorn from the side.

Basically, I'm pretty happy with this new (not so new, we'll see) approach. It makes it easier than ever to find a balance between relatively inexpensive pants (although some are very expensive jeans) and nice jackets. I am also pleased to make the occasion. And it requires a job selection even further tissue.

It may be noted that historically, the same suit jacket + pants, or 'still' is an anomaly. Anomaly appeared around 1920 to extend these days, with a peak around the second world war and 60's. Never before had there been such a unit. It just was not the rule. The tight trousers sported a color, sometimes a pattern, frock coat or another. And if you push up the old regime, the men wore as many colors as the women (at least in the court), they were peacocks.

Today's odd, (nice) jacket over jeans (as is the norm) could it not be similar to the jacket combination of striped pants? This is the same idea, only the notion of changing elegance.

The development of the costume is the culmination of a long process bourgeois, which goes hand in hand with the development of the black garment. Black, non-color par excellence is also an anomaly. Finally anomaly half because it was the color of church services and people (bankers, lawyers, scholars etc ...). Color which was adopted at the turn of the 19th century by the new bourgeoisie industrious, as the fraction of the tail and cod. Finally, the suit 'still' is a shorter version, so my dear, the jacket, ideal for new classes ... And it is working environments where the odd is not so accepted ( typically the bank). Some also do not dare to take the plunge, they are more French Italians ;) This is where things get complicated. To still show a bit of fantasy, so some men buy vaguely dark suits they put with brown shoes. It is not uncommon to find in the fronts of jackets with colorful buttonholes or shoes with colorful laces. The white shirt is no longer pink or blue, it incorporates only parts of black or fuchsia collar, buttons on the side of the neck etc. ... So many men do not dare get rid of the petty bourgeois costume. But they bully. The color sock also democratic. It was then that individual taste becomes paradoxically collective bad taste. And it's a pretty French taste, a French style and almost sadly.

Many people no longer accept the codes. Anecdote paradoxical: the most striking that I have in mind is the uniform officers to the train example. It is awful, awful cut in an ugly gray fabric. Awful. Yet there is a uniform, but we wanted to make a costume. The old military forts and black or blue models were yet beautiful and very practical. They were sacrificed at the cost of desecration of the function and / or modernization, it depends. As for train drivers, they can be t-shirt ... The company consciously seeks to domesticate borders and odious markers. But this is obviously an illusion, never disparities and inequalities have been greater.

People like change. People need to be rich. Conversely, the stability is often the mother of virtue in the financial and economic fields. Can the current crisis be useful at this level.

Anyway, let's finish this monologue here. Suppose sports jackets are the future regarding the beautiful pieces. Damage to the pants which incidentally are the most difficult parts cut out. It remains to be well, not too short as it is the fashion, not too dark as it is the fashion, not too fanciful as it is fashionable but tasteful and colorful! We will rejoice, of course, to our delight, our greatest asset! And if you must be in costume, so we want-in the classics!

The garment is and will remain a social vector, bespoke suits meaning an element of our relationship with the company. Alteration, any fading of the code, under the guise of egalitarianism, perhaps only detrimental to the overall cohesion of our societies, it is my opinion ... What do you think?

Monday, August 12, 2013

Some tips for the wedding dress of your dreams

If these options are for your wedding dress custom wedding dress or tailored to a close, planning any wedding suit can be difficult to measure. This article is full of tips and tricks that will help you make your custom wedding dress of your dreams in a handpicked reality.
When you give your speech to suit bespoke wedding, understand that it is normal to show his emotions. The stories you tell will probably be very emotional, as everyone at the wedding will be expecting you shed tears. Let it all out, to show how each story means to you.
To document your wedding day costume tailor the best you can, make sure you have a great guestbook. This will allow people to write what they feel and note some of the memories they had with you. This can be a memorable experience for the rest of your life.
Weddings are stressful. This is for sure. Whether large or small, there will be things that go wrong. Have a friend confidant other than your soon-to-be spouse will help you make it through the process. Have a friend who is on your side and do not throw their opinion on what color dresses should be, is essential married.
When having a wedding dress custom outdoor food served can be greatly affected by the weather. If you are planning a wedding dress custom during the hot season, ask your caterer if they have experience in the food service when it is hot outside. If food can not be kept at the right temperature, avoid foods that have mayonnaise and other dishes that need to be kept cold.
Choose food for your wedding dress as you like. Do not worry about what your guests think it's your day to enjoy! The only thing you should consider is that if you were a vegetarian, then you should offer some meat options to your guests and not force a tofurken on them.
Make sure you carefully consider what to include in your vows, as they will be something that your future spouse will always remember. The wedding dress is a custom long-term commitment that requires love, sacrifice and the art of compromise and forgiveness. Use your vows to publicly declare the love and devotion you have for your beloved.
If the couple wants to have a chance to everyone to suit their bespoke wedding, try to get a look up at the beginning of the ceremony when it is likely no one will have still left. If you are lucky enough to have a church with a balcony, from there. Visit the church before the ceremony to choose the best place to get vaccinated.
Do not forget to use your non-alcoholic reception wedding dress custom drinks. When people are planning their wedding reception costume custom, they assume that all their guests want to drink alcohol, which is not always the case. In addition, there may be children or teenagers in your custom wedding dress, which obviously can not drink alcoholic beverages.
Instead of becoming intimidated by the different options for planning a cheap custom suits , use this article to organize. You're sure to find that you actually have access to abundant resources and opportunities for a flawless event.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

8 essential for a wedding suit on top!

 If the cheap custom suit is perfect, this is what you need on the day of your wedding. Yes but now, a suit is perfect because it is fully consistent with a particular purpose, an opportunity, a style, ... a special morphology and amount outstanding person, YOU!
Men The Times has put together a program to be sure to leave a good foundation: 8 tips the groom suit, many steps to follow for the day J.

Multiply and accessories is a subtle and clever way to state your costume. A very sober tie for the day, a retro bow tie for the evening!

Forbidden to forbid fun!
You've chosen to share your happiness surrounded by loved ones. But you should be aware that the organization of such a day is really complex: trying to please everyone obviously equivalent to an impossible mission. So why not start with satisfy your own desires?
The first tip is to not put barriers, consider that you have the last word, it is not who you marry? In three words: have fun! Enjoy these times as many memorable moments to share with your other half, your family, your cookies!
Dressing is a special ritual on the day, you guessed it, the outfit you enfilerez this morning will remain etched forever in your memories. For Louis, tailor the Faubourg Saint Sulpice "must perfectly fit your personality and your style for you and take a real pleasure to take".The Custom is the freedom
If once we move in his life in a Tailor, so that the day of her own wedding! Why? Well, because the Tailor gives you total freedom, in both the fit and comfort you feel your wedding suit and the endless possibilities it offers style!
This is the advice Men The Times 2nd: you adopt the Custom or anything, because the freedom you feel when designing your outfit, you still feel when you look at the pictures immortalized this particular day.
In addition, it echoes the first commandment, this freedom will make you feel pleasure from start to finish creating your outfit. And thanks to the advice of professionals, your bespoke suit will obviously be the perfect place to say yes!The atmosphere of the day is also in your costume
This day is marked logically your footprint and the sum of the tastes and desires of your bride and yourself. Your two personalities are alike around a specific universe that you've chosen to share.
A natural recommendation: do not be afraid to choose a theme that brings you closer, that is representative of your two personalities. It is a way to show you in your true colors by ignoring the conventions that some will charge you!
Whether you're in a traditional classical or baroque bohemian style, or totally rock, do not be afraid to take to the end. This theme will be in the venue party in decoration and in every detail of your outfit. The atmosphere of the festival will be tinted. Whether you prefer to emphasize the solemnity of the event, or the relaxation that you have shown in all circumstances, be yourself!
8 torque needed for a wedding suit on top!A consistent style, easier to bear.
To extend the reflection entails the command above, it is obvious that your style, patterns and colors chosen that day, will be subject to the mood you have chosen. You must be consistent!
The fourth council Men The Times for your costume perfect groom is the coherence of the whole. "Think global" seems like a multinational computer software renowned: think your outfit like a puzzle piece you put into the context of the ceremony and helps you imagine.

"My fiancee dream to see me cover, it is very important to her". If therefore it is also good for you, but you're not a fan of traditional outfits too, nothing prevents you from upgrading the spirit of this jacket playing on more modern colors for accessories (fuschia / lime green / red coral ...).

"I hate the atmosphere too stuffy, I put on the country side ..." why not work on a linen suit relaxed a little, playing a cameo beige and a touch of pastel pink that will highlight the together!
You guessed it, the consistency of your outfit with the spirit of the wedding you will be comfortable with the overall ambiance of the day.A beautiful cut snug, yes, but do you want to dance?
Highlight a silhouette, nothing more natural for a tailor. Hence our 2nd board. A good cut enhances any silhouette, while allowing freedom of movement. At the time of skinny pants, many people forget that sometimes cut too tight can be really uncomfortable if worn for too long.
And priori, bespoke suit, you have to back in the morning until late at night. The 5th board of not forgetting the natural toilet body. Any tailor will tell you also that can cut be adjusted, it should never, ever sacrifice comfort!
This is where professionalism makes sense: achieving perfection YOUR cutting natural thing for him. For Louis, "This compromise between the fit and comfort. A fitting, a fitted jacket, a tapered pants yes, but not at the expense of your movements ": you'll stay a while at the table, sitting, you will also dance and party will be beautiful. So why engoncer in a cup too tight, while a delicate balance you would a cut just as pretty, just as you would that value ...
For men who are too small, too big, too overweight, too thin ... know that there is a solution to suit all body types.The accessory is your personal touch
Ties, cravat, bow tie, wallet, boutonniere ... How to accessorize her wedding suit? According to creator Geraud Faubourg Saint Sulpice: "The accessory has a capital importance almost as it is he who gives all the" ceremony "to suit dimension. It is the finishing touch that comes to bring a special charm, its shape, its color ".
Whether you wear a simple costume, a 3-piece suit, a coat, the accessory must be designed to be consistent, to reflect your personality and the overall atmosphere. This is the advice Men The Times 6th: The accessory is your personal touch, do not neglect!
If the tie remains a timeless classic, many men are at work and will be tempted by the bow tie to bring freshness that uniform "suit and tie" no longer represents for them. We support this approach by emphasizing slightly retro side of the bow tie: he brings a unique dimension to any costume. The ascot is reserved for evening wear traditional ceremony as the jacket or coat. In the spirit of modernity, one imagines more in hot and contrasting colors to bring light on an outfit whose base is simple.
If the cover is almost set: it is almost essential as it dresses naturally any costume!
 2 held in one: a little flexibility!
You would have expected several outfits for this special day but your budget stopping you. Then you prefer to focus on quality rather than quantity, and you're right. But do not forget that there are a thousand and one ways to a single place to make more!
The Board The Times Men 7th is the stylistic flexibility. It is quite possible to transform your very dressed costume day, evening wear more casual.
Multiply and accessories is a subtle and clever way to state your costume. A very sober tie for the day, a retro bow tie for the evening! Or the reverse notice, all depends on you and what you want to show ... But know that everything is possible in principle, no barriers do not forget!
For example, imagine a 3-piece suit with a gray blue very bright. It is embellished day a satin silver tie silk. This costume is perfect for the ceremony with a chic and dressed side. Take the same suit, but without the vest, and associate it with a bow tie in bright orange gingham: you've turned your room into a more casual outfit, with one accessory!The backup folder: prepare for the unexpected!
A day in the same outfit, okay. Many of us do every day, contenting us to change only in the evening ... but think of a summer day, very hot where emotions come to join the party, a little stress as ...
Depending on your capacity to withstand these elements, it is obvious that your shirt will levels of moisture very quickly ...
It is obvious for The Times Men but this advice can recall: do the unexpected! In the absence of a second outfit, allow at least an extra shirt. You will be so happy to be able to put before the start of the evening, and start partying dry!
According Geraud: "you should never neglect the practical aspects as they have a bearing on your well-being during the day. Whether moisture, spilled a glass of wine, or any unfortunate accident bespoke suit, a white shirt is hardly flawless all day ". Even less if it's a hectic day ...

Monday, August 5, 2013

How to choose the right dress?

1x1.trans Comment choisir le bon costume ?This is an essential part of the male wardrobe, and it is not normal for a man not to have at least one suit at home.But it must still choose the right costume!This is why I will list for you today, a few details to watch and a few essential tips to choose a cheap custom suits !1) Set a budgetIndeed, it is something very important to do before you buy: set its budget.You can go look to the same brand if you have a budget of 200 euros or a budget of 2000 euros!This will change your possibilities but also the details you need to monitor.For the entry level, I advise Celio Club, with costumes around 150 euros!For the mid-range (which is expensive): I like the costumes The kooplesFor high-end: Dior homme, Dolce & Gabbana, and Tom Ford. 
1x1.trans Comment choisir le bon costume ?2) Choose the right sizeIf you do a 48, do not take a 46 or 50.If the 48 is not bent enough, it may be too large or the cut is not made for your body.80% of people dress too big or too small, it is even more obvious on a costume! Be careful.- The sleeves must reach mid-hand when the arms along the body.- The length of the jacket should not go lower than half of the buttocks.- You must be able to close your jacket without the buttons are too tight.- The hem falls just on the shoe with a slight break (and not the usual accordion effect)- The hem can be worn in 7/8th if you assume!The shoulder seams arrives at the shoulder. 
1x1.trans Comment choisir le bon costume ?3) Select the colorNo, we do not directly take a black suit without thinking to a minimum where there are opportunities to wear it.The black suit is the classic mistake of beginner who wants to keep it simple.But black is not what is easiest to wear and does not go with everything!Prefer a navy blue suit and a gray suit to begin with.These two colors are both in the evening at the office or for other occasions! 
1x1.trans Comment choisir le bon costume ?4) A suit jacket is not a blazer.Error that we see too often, the suit jacket goes with pants: for the simple reason that it is often too long to go with jeans or chinos, which does not make your place as beautiful as you thought.Unless you have found a suit with a short bespoke suit (it exists!), Do not wear the jacket with jeans.

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The neck and the width of the lapel

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The neck and the width of the lapel

-The neck and the width of the lapel
-The bottom of the jacket: The number of slots ease of cheap custom suits
-The number and shape of the pockets.
One major criterion: the number of buttons on the jacket

     Jacket six buttons and more: The double-breasted suit
     3-button jacket
     2-button jacket
     One button jacket

PS: For the number button to button, do not forget to consult the reference article!
Two major criteria: the bending of the jacket and tight pants

     The straight cut
     The tight fit
     The slim fit

Major criterion 3: The shape of the shoulders

     Natural shoulders
     The rounded shoulders
     Broad shoulders

One minor criterion: the shape of the neck

     The wide notch collar
     The slight notch collar
     The collar spikes
     Col Thierry Mugler (reverse pass)
     The mandarin collar
     The mandarin collar

2 minor criteria: the number of slots ease of bespoke suit

     No slit
     A central slot
     Two side slits

3 minor criteria: the number and shape of the pockets

     Flap pockets or not
     2 side pockets
     3 pockets, pocket cigar
     wide pockets.

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