Friday, November 23, 2012

Ties Common With

man suit,men suits
Black man suit, shirt and light-colored shirts to wear predominantly white, with gray, blue, green tie and shirt color coordination.
Gray suit, with gray, green, yellow and brick tie, wearing a white-based light-colored shirt.
Dark blue suit, can be equipped with blue, carmine and orange tie, wearing white and bright blue shirt.
Blue suit, with dark blue, gray, rouge, yellow and brick color tie to wear pink, butter yellow, silver gray and bright blue shirt.
 Brown suit, with dark brownish, gray, green and yellow tie, white, gray, silver and bright brown shirt.
tie,men ties

 Green bespoke suit, can be equipped with yellow clothes butter, brown and brick color tie to wear bright silver gray, blue, brown and silver gray shirt.
If you choose to have a variety of colors and patterns tie, pay attention to the pattern of any color shirt or suit color, the effect would be the icing on the cake.

Explain the meaning of the tie pattern:
Twill represents courage.
Square represents enthusiasm
Floral behalf considerate
Vertical line represents the ease
V. dash seems smooth

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