Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Get a Perfect Fit for As Your Body Shape Type - European style suit

As per the pattern ,there are sub Japanese version and the European version, the biggest difference is that the Japanese version of the suit generally fit the waist, while the European version of the suit generally does not fit the waist, the Japanese version of the suit after the clothing and body length is one centimeter shorter.han the European version of the suit Chunky shape of a man. These men should not be too long in the selection of T-shirt, it is best not to cover the buttocks, and people will look deepened heap, not to mention gas, not the spirit. If you wear a suit, the best color is not too bright. Will visually exaggerate the width of the body.
custom suit

The figure lean men. These men fit to wear the shirt waist, wearing should note that the length of the jacket should not cover the hips, then they figure will appear shorter. male-shaped cheese mainly in the color selection of Hand made suits and other bright colors to light gray, black, dark blue, dark gray and dark tones of clothes for vice lanky type and high-fat-man, said first lanky frame, class man body giving the impression of a particularly thin. Suit thing, was propped up will seem more impressive man. 

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