Monday, February 18, 2013

The Classifications of Dress Shirt's Collars

man shirt

The standard collar: the length of the career-oriented and open angle trend "gentle" collar called standard collar. This dress shirt is common in business activities, color to monochrome and white, is the most common, the most common style.

Harmonia collar: plain or striped shirt with a white collar sub, some cuffs made ​​white. Collar standard collar or open angle collar. The collar shape a lot, usually round. Select Leis collar men in the mix must pay attention to coordination, otherwise inattentive will be classified as "tasteless".

Dark buckle collar: the traditional left and right collar sewn tie through, the fastened collar shirt collar emphasizes rigorous stressed tie structure of three-dimensional image, wearing the collar, shirt, tie, and played a small, usually playing close Summary, and must not be free to play loose tie knot collar seem appropriateness.

Open angle collar: collar romance around the collar of the angle from 120 degrees to 180 degrees. The collar, also known as "Windsor" collar "French" collar. It is said that when not Sacrifice for Love, "the Duke of Windsor favorite collar.

Button collar: sporty pointed collar buttons fixed on the clothing and body, was originally a sport shirt, all shirts only does not require a starched collar. Typical American style, casual nature, comfort and convenience. This collar is used for casual shirt, denim man shirt.

Long pointed collar: fashion slender slightly pointed collar, decent clean lines, with a wide range of features of the new century costumes, used as a more classical style of dress shirts. Usually white or plain.

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