Friday, June 21, 2013

Outerwear and Accessories

Attention to detail is one of the things that makes the Mad Men such a well-dressed crew. They don’t just wear the bespoke suit and the tie — they wear the cufflinks, and the tie clip, and the hat and the coat, and they make sure that all of those elements work together well. Each character has his own individual style, but notice that all of them incorporate more than the bare minimum of business dress. Nearly everyone has a good, felt hat, and it’s rare to see anyone without a pocket square gracing their breast.

Each of the Mad Men uses the details of his accessories and outerwear slightly differently, but one thing you won’t see is a character who doesn’t have any well-chosen adornments at all on his basic cheap suits for men -shirt-tie ensemble. Take a look at the bottom of the screen from time to time and you’ll see that they’re also all sporting very sharp-looking shoes: well-shined, usually black (or occasionally a dark brown for a more casual look), and worn with socks that match the color of the trousers over them.

When you’re as neat-looking as the gentlemen of Mad Men, even something minor like scuffed shoes would stand out as a glaring error. Their style demands — and showcases — mastery of details.
The Fashion of the Mad Men — Individual Styles
For a more detailed look at each of the Mad Men and his personal style, be sure to visit our other articles — each of the central characters has an entire piece dedicated to his own fashion! Here we provide a short overview of the basic “look” each character exemplifies:
Don Draper: Timeless Elegance in Menswear

Despite being the central character, Don Draper isn’t the flashiest dresser on Mad Men by a long shot. His taste in color and pattern is reasonably understated, and his adornments are simple — we never see his pocket square in anything but a straight, horizontal fold, for example, in contrast to Roger Sterling’s elaborate peaked folds. Draper introduces variety in the weave of his suits, the style of his shirt collar, and the pattern of his ties, always keeping his style understated and elegant. He’s the timeless well-dressed man, impeccable but never flashy — and his suits always fit him perfectly.

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