Thursday, June 13, 2013

When to Wear the Windsor

Not everyone is meant to wear the Windsor. That being said, the Windsor is a very smart choice for any semi-formal to formal affair. A job-seeking student would be wise to know how to tie a Windsor knot for an interview. The Windsor would also be a very nice choice for a man with a wide, stout face. The with and bulk of the knot will lift weight off of the face and add a vertical dimension.
For taller gentleman, they may also have trouble in wearing the Windsor, unless they purchase a much longer tie. This is simply because the Windsor takes so much fabric to tie, that it can appear very short on a man with an extended torso.
Knowing what collar type to wear with the Windsor is also extremely important. Anything less than a very wide spread collar shirt is not going to work well with the bulk of the Windsor knot.

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