Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Shirts and Ties for Heavyset Men

Most of your shirt concerns will be pattern- and color-related, and the same advice holds here: select bold, solid colors that suit your complexion, and avoid weaves that add unnecessary texture to the fabric. A very narrow straight-point collar helps direct attention upward and slims your face out somewhat, so seek them out — if nothing else is available, even a more modestly-cut straight-point collar will top your chest with an upward-pointing “arrow” shape that directs the gaze.
Straight-point collars live up to their name, pointing the viewer's gaze upward.
Broad men will want to avoid broad ties, and ties with flat ends. Try for narrow ties in simple colors or very understated patterns, and tie them with simple knots tightened down to a small size. Let the tie hang low enough, all the way down to just above the top of the trousers; a tie that falls too short will give the unappealing impression of draping flat over your stomach.
Completing the Short, Broad Man
Since the heavyset man’s style is defined by simplicity, there are few finishing details. Clean lines and well-matched colors will go further than any fussing with ornamentation, so avoid the temptation to dress a plain-seeming suit up with watches and pins. Trust in the cut of your clothes and offer a refined picture for people to remember — the odds are that most people will be more struck by the simplicity of a cleanly-dressed man than they would be by a busier look that flatters your body less.

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