Thursday, August 1, 2013

The neck and the width of the lapel

-The neck and the width of the lapel
-The bottom of the jacket: The number of slots ease of cheap custom suits
-The number and shape of the pockets.
One major criterion: the number of buttons on the jacket

     Jacket six buttons and more: The double-breasted suit
     3-button jacket
     2-button jacket
     One button jacket

PS: For the number button to button, do not forget to consult the reference article!
Two major criteria: the bending of the jacket and tight pants

     The straight cut
     The tight fit
     The slim fit

Major criterion 3: The shape of the shoulders

     Natural shoulders
     The rounded shoulders
     Broad shoulders

One minor criterion: the shape of the neck

     The wide notch collar
     The slight notch collar
     The collar spikes
     Col Thierry Mugler (reverse pass)
     The mandarin collar
     The mandarin collar

2 minor criteria: the number of slots ease of bespoke suit

     No slit
     A central slot
     Two side slits

3 minor criteria: the number and shape of the pockets

     Flap pockets or not
     2 side pockets
     3 pockets, pocket cigar
     wide pockets.

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