Monday, August 5, 2013

How to choose the right dress?

1x1.trans Comment choisir le bon costume ?This is an essential part of the male wardrobe, and it is not normal for a man not to have at least one suit at home.But it must still choose the right costume!This is why I will list for you today, a few details to watch and a few essential tips to choose a cheap custom suits !1) Set a budgetIndeed, it is something very important to do before you buy: set its budget.You can go look to the same brand if you have a budget of 200 euros or a budget of 2000 euros!This will change your possibilities but also the details you need to monitor.For the entry level, I advise Celio Club, with costumes around 150 euros!For the mid-range (which is expensive): I like the costumes The kooplesFor high-end: Dior homme, Dolce & Gabbana, and Tom Ford. 
1x1.trans Comment choisir le bon costume ?2) Choose the right sizeIf you do a 48, do not take a 46 or 50.If the 48 is not bent enough, it may be too large or the cut is not made for your body.80% of people dress too big or too small, it is even more obvious on a costume! Be careful.- The sleeves must reach mid-hand when the arms along the body.- The length of the jacket should not go lower than half of the buttocks.- You must be able to close your jacket without the buttons are too tight.- The hem falls just on the shoe with a slight break (and not the usual accordion effect)- The hem can be worn in 7/8th if you assume!The shoulder seams arrives at the shoulder. 
1x1.trans Comment choisir le bon costume ?3) Select the colorNo, we do not directly take a black suit without thinking to a minimum where there are opportunities to wear it.The black suit is the classic mistake of beginner who wants to keep it simple.But black is not what is easiest to wear and does not go with everything!Prefer a navy blue suit and a gray suit to begin with.These two colors are both in the evening at the office or for other occasions! 
1x1.trans Comment choisir le bon costume ?4) A suit jacket is not a blazer.Error that we see too often, the suit jacket goes with pants: for the simple reason that it is often too long to go with jeans or chinos, which does not make your place as beautiful as you thought.Unless you have found a suit with a short bespoke suit (it exists!), Do not wear the jacket with jeans.

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The neck and the width of the lapel

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