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8 essential for a wedding suit on top!

 If the cheap custom suit is perfect, this is what you need on the day of your wedding. Yes but now, a suit is perfect because it is fully consistent with a particular purpose, an opportunity, a style, ... a special morphology and amount outstanding person, YOU!
Men The Times has put together a program to be sure to leave a good foundation: 8 tips the groom suit, many steps to follow for the day J.

Multiply and accessories is a subtle and clever way to state your costume. A very sober tie for the day, a retro bow tie for the evening!

Forbidden to forbid fun!
You've chosen to share your happiness surrounded by loved ones. But you should be aware that the organization of such a day is really complex: trying to please everyone obviously equivalent to an impossible mission. So why not start with satisfy your own desires?
The first tip is to not put barriers, consider that you have the last word, it is not who you marry? In three words: have fun! Enjoy these times as many memorable moments to share with your other half, your family, your cookies!
Dressing is a special ritual on the day, you guessed it, the outfit you enfilerez this morning will remain etched forever in your memories. For Louis, tailor the Faubourg Saint Sulpice "must perfectly fit your personality and your style for you and take a real pleasure to take".The Custom is the freedom
If once we move in his life in a Tailor, so that the day of her own wedding! Why? Well, because the Tailor gives you total freedom, in both the fit and comfort you feel your wedding suit and the endless possibilities it offers style!
This is the advice Men The Times 2nd: you adopt the Custom or anything, because the freedom you feel when designing your outfit, you still feel when you look at the pictures immortalized this particular day.
In addition, it echoes the first commandment, this freedom will make you feel pleasure from start to finish creating your outfit. And thanks to the advice of professionals, your bespoke suit will obviously be the perfect place to say yes!The atmosphere of the day is also in your costume
This day is marked logically your footprint and the sum of the tastes and desires of your bride and yourself. Your two personalities are alike around a specific universe that you've chosen to share.
A natural recommendation: do not be afraid to choose a theme that brings you closer, that is representative of your two personalities. It is a way to show you in your true colors by ignoring the conventions that some will charge you!
Whether you're in a traditional classical or baroque bohemian style, or totally rock, do not be afraid to take to the end. This theme will be in the venue party in decoration and in every detail of your outfit. The atmosphere of the festival will be tinted. Whether you prefer to emphasize the solemnity of the event, or the relaxation that you have shown in all circumstances, be yourself!
8 torque needed for a wedding suit on top!A consistent style, easier to bear.
To extend the reflection entails the command above, it is obvious that your style, patterns and colors chosen that day, will be subject to the mood you have chosen. You must be consistent!
The fourth council Men The Times for your costume perfect groom is the coherence of the whole. "Think global" seems like a multinational computer software renowned: think your outfit like a puzzle piece you put into the context of the ceremony and helps you imagine.

"My fiancee dream to see me cover, it is very important to her". If therefore it is also good for you, but you're not a fan of traditional outfits too, nothing prevents you from upgrading the spirit of this jacket playing on more modern colors for accessories (fuschia / lime green / red coral ...).

"I hate the atmosphere too stuffy, I put on the country side ..." why not work on a linen suit relaxed a little, playing a cameo beige and a touch of pastel pink that will highlight the together!
You guessed it, the consistency of your outfit with the spirit of the wedding you will be comfortable with the overall ambiance of the day.A beautiful cut snug, yes, but do you want to dance?
Highlight a silhouette, nothing more natural for a tailor. Hence our 2nd board. A good cut enhances any silhouette, while allowing freedom of movement. At the time of skinny pants, many people forget that sometimes cut too tight can be really uncomfortable if worn for too long.
And priori, bespoke suit, you have to back in the morning until late at night. The 5th board of not forgetting the natural toilet body. Any tailor will tell you also that can cut be adjusted, it should never, ever sacrifice comfort!
This is where professionalism makes sense: achieving perfection YOUR cutting natural thing for him. For Louis, "This compromise between the fit and comfort. A fitting, a fitted jacket, a tapered pants yes, but not at the expense of your movements ": you'll stay a while at the table, sitting, you will also dance and party will be beautiful. So why engoncer in a cup too tight, while a delicate balance you would a cut just as pretty, just as you would that value ...
For men who are too small, too big, too overweight, too thin ... know that there is a solution to suit all body types.The accessory is your personal touch
Ties, cravat, bow tie, wallet, boutonniere ... How to accessorize her wedding suit? According to creator Geraud Faubourg Saint Sulpice: "The accessory has a capital importance almost as it is he who gives all the" ceremony "to suit dimension. It is the finishing touch that comes to bring a special charm, its shape, its color ".
Whether you wear a simple costume, a 3-piece suit, a coat, the accessory must be designed to be consistent, to reflect your personality and the overall atmosphere. This is the advice Men The Times 6th: The accessory is your personal touch, do not neglect!
If the tie remains a timeless classic, many men are at work and will be tempted by the bow tie to bring freshness that uniform "suit and tie" no longer represents for them. We support this approach by emphasizing slightly retro side of the bow tie: he brings a unique dimension to any costume. The ascot is reserved for evening wear traditional ceremony as the jacket or coat. In the spirit of modernity, one imagines more in hot and contrasting colors to bring light on an outfit whose base is simple.
If the cover is almost set: it is almost essential as it dresses naturally any costume!
 2 held in one: a little flexibility!
You would have expected several outfits for this special day but your budget stopping you. Then you prefer to focus on quality rather than quantity, and you're right. But do not forget that there are a thousand and one ways to a single place to make more!
The Board The Times Men 7th is the stylistic flexibility. It is quite possible to transform your very dressed costume day, evening wear more casual.
Multiply and accessories is a subtle and clever way to state your costume. A very sober tie for the day, a retro bow tie for the evening! Or the reverse notice, all depends on you and what you want to show ... But know that everything is possible in principle, no barriers do not forget!
For example, imagine a 3-piece suit with a gray blue very bright. It is embellished day a satin silver tie silk. This costume is perfect for the ceremony with a chic and dressed side. Take the same suit, but without the vest, and associate it with a bow tie in bright orange gingham: you've turned your room into a more casual outfit, with one accessory!The backup folder: prepare for the unexpected!
A day in the same outfit, okay. Many of us do every day, contenting us to change only in the evening ... but think of a summer day, very hot where emotions come to join the party, a little stress as ...
Depending on your capacity to withstand these elements, it is obvious that your shirt will levels of moisture very quickly ...
It is obvious for The Times Men but this advice can recall: do the unexpected! In the absence of a second outfit, allow at least an extra shirt. You will be so happy to be able to put before the start of the evening, and start partying dry!
According Geraud: "you should never neglect the practical aspects as they have a bearing on your well-being during the day. Whether moisture, spilled a glass of wine, or any unfortunate accident bespoke suit, a white shirt is hardly flawless all day ". Even less if it's a hectic day ...

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