Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Man’s Guide to Dressing on a First Date

So tonight's the night, you've finally found the courage to ask that special someone on a date. A million and one things going around in your head right now, the first of which is probably not "What do I wear?"
To save you from yourself, meet this simple guide to prepare for a first date. While this is not guaranteed to hold a second meeting, which will certainly help in the race.
Let's kick things off by taking a look at your options in clothes ...

Classic with a twist
If you want an easy to remember when this principle is "keep it simple but add a border. In other words, stick to fairly traditional, it looks a little conservative, but add something more to reach a higher mood: a touch color often simple, but the basic patterns can work well.
When dressing for dates, it is usually the best way to keep things "casual chic" if possible. Obviously, you may have to go "more than one way than the other," according to the circumstances. Whenever you are in doubt, think: "Am I dressed very well that the parents of my day to see me in a positive light, if we come to your door tonight?"

Keep the focus on you
Do not use folders or pieces strong statement on the first night. You want your lips to do the talking, not your clothes. Put the crazy shirts and pink tights on one side of the night.
In the same vein, try to keep the mystery of avoiding clothes, "he says," in other words, keep the cowboy belt buckle in the back of the cabinet, and alumni ties to another occasion.
What to wear on a date

Do not overload the colony
Yes, I know you want to feel good, but do not forget your date does not want to feel like they're sitting in a perfume factory during dinner. Do not go too far and mix your perfumes, keep things simple and clear as possible.
Apply some light cologne not necessarily lost, but a coat layer of antiperspirants three inches thick.

Groom to perfection
By that I mean not over-or under-bed. Get rid of the mono-brow, has a shave and by all means get a barbers finished too, but not go too far - no one has to see strange eyebrows waxed at a party.

Feel good about what you wear
It's going to be quite nervous as it is, without having to worry about that coat sports brand is not just "you". If you are not comfortable with what you have, you probably spend all day moaning and writhing, to the chagrin of his appointment!
Try to avoid using anything new or not previously used for the occasion, and eliminate everything that makes you feel uncomfortable or itchy.
Man dressing guide on the first date

Take care of your hair
While beautifying your hair is fine, not decide on a style radically different from the day before: you never know, the hair may have been the determining factor in the acceptance of his date with you in the first place!
If you can use a small amount of hair product (gel, wax, etc.) to control problems, I would not use too much. Crispy, flaky hair is a deal breaker for most people.

Do not ruin it ...
Now you have the perfect pieces aligned, and that is perfectly healthy, do not ruin much time talking about politics, religion or ex. Instead, keep the conversation lively and bonds over trivial things, such as books, movies, and celebrity favorite things.
Not to be missed in banality if you prefer, but try to avoid strong opinions and controversial issues until later in the relationship.

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