Monday, April 22, 2013

An Homage to Formal Wear

We can thank the original dandy, Mr. Beau Brummell, for introducing the modern Western man to the importance of well-fitted and understated formal wear. Mr. Brummell’s contemporaries, the English aristocrats of the early 19th century, seemed to be fitted towards mobility, and thus their attire needed to be more practical. A trailblazing pioneer, Mr. Brummell experimented with his own style and started deviating from the norm in a big way.  Dropping the pomp and frills of his peers, he valued fit above all else, considering how it would frame his body and how it would better represent the image that he wanted to project.  His fashion and style ushered in a revolution in menswear that is still present today. It shook its way through British royalty and decades of tradition and now a sharply tailored and well-fitted suit stands as one of the most distinguished staple garments in formal menswear.
It would be silly to suggest that all this was ushered in by one man; surely it took the courage of many a Beau Brummell, an entire movement like many acts of revolution. Regardless of the history, we are sure about one thing. We’re grateful it happened. And we’re grateful there are men who continue to push style forward.
On this, the eve of Oscar weekend and the decrescendo of awards season (the season of bravura) we tip our hats to the men who dared to deviate from the norm to give us the modern tuxedo.
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