Sunday, April 14, 2013

Target x Menswear

Yes, you’ve heard right: Target announced their newest collaboration with not only the high-end fashion department store Neiman Marcus, but no less the 24 of the CFDA’s designers for winter 2012. The general public reacted by taking to the streets in a celebration rivaling a Word Series Championship. Kidding; well for the most part. Only us menswear/womenswear nerds jumped for joy and immediately began instagramming our happiness (along with our WIWT outfit)
men suits
But in all seriousness, this is much bigger deal that we think. Yes,  smaller designers have always been collaborating with super-market chains (you know Jessica Simpson and a random BRAVO reality TV star), but this is different my friends . We’re talking high end design houses- the ones Carrie Bradshaw and company name drop on Sex and the City. Hell, if you would have told me that Thom Browne would collaborate with Target six months ago, I would most likely would have un-followed you on twitter (yes, that’s a big deal).

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