Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Shopping for Groomsmen

wedding suit

Having to choose my own wedding outfit (suit or tuxedo?) is a difficult task by itself.  But throw in a few more variables such as coordinating outfits for 6 groomsmen with 6 bridesmaids’ outfits and 1 wedding dress that can’t be viewed until the day of the wedding, and I’ve got a real challenge on my hands.
Considering I will be getting married in four months I decided it was probably time to start deciding what the groomsmen outfits would look like.  I knew before I got started though that I’d need to be able to answer a few questions about the outfits: What kind of outfit am I looking for?  What color do I want the guys to wear? And how do I picture it all coming together?
The first answer was easy, because I know I don’t want us wearing tuxedos.  The wedding ceremony will be in a church but the reception will be outdoors in a venue that has a rustic look.  A tux would be too formal and would seem out of place at the reception venue.  Secondly, I decided the guys should wear a lighter grey suit, also because I feel this would better compliment the outdoor reception venue.  I personally view black suits as an option for somber occasions and business meetings; grey would be a slightly more casual look.  In my head, I pictured the suits fitting well and their details color-coordinating with the bridesmaids dresses.  And since none of the groomsmen are over 27, I am afraid anything too loose would make us look like little kids.
Having outlined what I wanted, Matthew (who happens to be my best man, brother, and fellow Sharp Suit blogger) and I went over to Men’s Wearhouse and Jos. A. Bank .  Although we haven’t had personal success shopping at these stores, I wanted to get an idea of what wedding options they offer and determine how much work I really had to do.

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