Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Man’s Financial and Time Resources

custom suits

On the subject of unalterable realities, a man always has to keep his available resources in mind.  A custom-tailored suit is a great piece of clothing to have — and an expensive one.  Men on a limited budget need to pick and choose their clothes carefully.  Suits and jackets can be worn with different styles of shirt beneath them, making them a flexible option for a wardrobe.  And while unusually large or small men may need their clothing tailored from scratch, most men can find off-the-rack or even thrift store clothing that will fit with some small, affordable adjustments.
Keeping the wardrobe in good shape helps each piece last longer and lets a man save for new clothing.  Shoes should be kept well-shined, which looks professional as well as protecting them from water and dirt.  Suits and jackets can get by with only infrequent dry-cleaning (a process that shortens the fabric’s lifespan) if they are brushed and hung up on a shoulder-shaped hanger as soon as they are removed.  Shirts keep their collar shape when well-pressed, and with good ironing require little or no spray starch, another process that weakens the clothing’s fibers. professional.html

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