Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How Far Up to Roll Your Sleeves

You’ll notice there’s no measurements in inches or centimeters on either of our methods.  That’s because how far to roll the sleeves is up to you — with some caveats.
  • Above the elbow is a more practical place to keep the sleeves if you’re actually working with your hands. Aesthetically though, it violates the “rule of thirds” and never looks quite as stylish as leaving the rolled sleeve a bit below the elbow.  Also, if you have a loose cuff or a lot of sleeve fabric it can start to look odd as more and more fabric gets bunched up around your elbow ruining the line of your bicep.  Stick to thin, tightly-fitted shirts if you’re rolling your sleeves high.
  • Below the elbow is a less practical, more stylish option.  It’s good in situations where you’re deliberately trying to look relaxed, and works great with the .  You may need to roll the turned-back fabric over on itself a few more times to keep it tight on your forearms (unless you have very thick arms), which will thin the finished band of cloth out some.
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