Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Three-Season Flexibility

On the practical side your cardigan is also a more functional piece of clothing than a lot of menswear.
Sean-Connery-Sweater-400It’s what people sometimes refer to as “three-season” wear:  useful year-round except for the hot summer months.
On cool days that haven’t started to get really cold it can be an easily-removable outer layer.
When the temperature drops it can layer with shirts, ties, vest, jackets, and overcoats to be a thick layer of insulation.
The cardigan’s also a little looser than a sports jacket or blazer and takes a little more punishment.
It’s good on-the-go wear:  easy to toss in the car or a backpack, forgiving of wrinkles, and big enough to wear over a dress shirt or flannel work shirt while still being small enough to wear under a blazer.
In a pinch it even makes a decent blanket — perfect for the gentleman whose date’s legs are getting chilled at a show or on a drive.

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