Wednesday, May 8, 2013

An Institution Of Masculine Elegance From Across The Pond

Today, let us turn the spotlight on the very excellent manufacturer Oxxford (which, contrary to what its name might suggest, was not established in Chicago) who we believe most likely represents the best in classical masculine elegance across the Atlantic.
This article is also an opportunity to mention that in the last few years, the United States have been surprising, in some aspects of masculine style, those who once believed that elegance vanished outside of the England-Italy-France trifecta. Indeed, Paul Stuart’s affordable ready-to-wear (particularly the Phineas Cole collection), Ralph Lauren’s (very) high end ready-to-wear Purple Label and, more recently, Manolo Costa’s bespoke have all been proving the naysayers wrong with the high quality of lines and assembly found in their collections and other realizations.
Comes in Oxxford.
Established in 1916 by the Weinberg brothers, this honorable institution of American elegance continues to leave its mark away from the trends while resisting the sirens of globalization. For almost one hundred years, it has been making garments of the most utter quality made exclusively by hand in its historic manufacture in Chicago.
Again this year, Oxxford offers a very classy Fall/Winter collection with quality textiles and immaculate lines. Here are a few examples.
men suits
men suits

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