Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Half Canvas Craftsmanship

man suit

Semi-wool lining can also be referred to as "semi horse hair", is a classic man suit process compared interlinings is a higher-level products. Wool quality chest lining, arrived on the waist of the suit predecessor eponymous half wool lining. Non-stick lining half wool lining's predecessor at the lapel suit, wool lined with fabric to direct fiber sewn on, which requires uniform wool lining fabric fibers together to fiber suitable elastic appropriate, showing the natural valgus state, so that the person wearing it seem chest very full.
Excellent shirt than any other brand suits more to increase the front piece with the shoulder the horsetail lining made use real horsehair mane filling the chest about half wool lining.
Advantages: change interlining suit lapel at the flat, stiff feeling, even if the customer pectoral muscle is underdeveloped, split head and chest can also be more full and natural crisp.
1, split head does not require adhesive, but the predecessor still need adhesive layer of woven cloth, may undermine the sense of elegant top fabric;
2, increase the process of fiber barge prime, greatly increase the process more difficult working hours, resulting in the improvement of the cost and the selling price.
Excellent dress shirt for the first custom wool lining suit customers to provide a semi-finished fitting service for about a month, the entire production cycle.

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