Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Seven Tips For Gentlemen

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courteous often can the performance of the morality of civilized society, men can also be seen that a man's level of education. Some men, to no avail, the results broke up with his girlfriend. In fact, the demeanor of the men should be expressed not only in dealings with his girlfriend, should also be performance, on Ms. attitude in their daily lives.
(1) you should first encountered Ms. slightly familiar nod hello. If a lady came up to you, please keep in mind that if she took the initiative to reach out to shake hands with her.
(2) in a public place by chance encounter familiar ladies say hello to each other, you can not shake hands, but must handle out of your pocket, the cigarette from his mouth to win, if eating something to stop chewing, of course, Ms. . Men casually letting the lady on the street stopped disgraced, even acquaintances. If any hurry, of course, can be an exception.
(3) If you are with a female companion met an acquaintance walking down the street, you can not be companions crowded out endlessly talking with acquaintances. You can acquaintance introduced to companion, but if you must talk about things with acquaintances and a few words that do not know, you can meet another appointment or phone contact.
(4) If a lady sitting open the car, you must open the door to the woman, sitting on the passenger seat, you sit down at their place. First to get off, the Ms. get off when you open the door for ladies. Unsightly leaned in the car to open the door. Of course, not let Ms. remove the luggage items.
(5) to his seat slightly bow to welcome the meeting of the cafes or restaurants with familiar lady. If the lady approached, to stand up to their conversation.
(6) party on your girlfriend go to the bathroom to take a finishing, you can take her to the hall, but be careful detour, so as not to disturb the people were dancing.
(7) The end of the party, if the conditions to open their own car or hit the send his girlfriend home, do not forget to Thank his girlfriend to accept the invitation to the party. General is looking at his girlfriend approached the doors of the parlor or the house. More polite, out of the car, his girlfriend to her doorstep.

The definition of the modern gentleman to understand from this story: On one occasion, the President of the United States, Washington, DC, the secretary said: "I do not quite understand the British class men can be called a gentleman, officials can be called a gentleman, the lawyer can be called a gentleman, doctors can be called a gentleman, the merchant can be called a gentleman, even unemployed people can also be called a gentleman. nobles gentleman, poor gentleman also why so many people, people from all walks of life can be called a gentleman? you go and ask the , the gentleman in the end what does it mean. "After more than two hours, the secretary came back to tell Washington that" you found the gentleman is not trouble to others, and the surrounding people feel happy and comfortable people. "

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