Monday, January 21, 2013

The most beautiful topcoat image

tailored suit

Marilyn Dietrich subversion of the trench coat is a turning point - she head Dai Beilei cap, thin curved eyebrows full amorous feelings feminine trench coat is a pair of stockings, exposing the ankle. This has become a provocative attitude of the feminist movement.

Sexiest topcoat image

Since 1967, starred in the film "Belle de Jour", Catherine Deneuve Jibei as a frosty but brilliant if the noble representatives of peaches and plums. She frankly liked windbreaker. She likes dressed in traditional style, fastened the belt, and then put on a pair of stiletto heels. "I like the trench coat looks are powerful because all military uniforms, windbreaker there from the masculinity of the army, I had the experience - let me feel provocative kind windbreaker nothing to wear. '

Most handsome topcoat image

"The Matrix" craze, young people are playing a "hacker game," Black Whirlwind "Reloaded", but also an impact on the global fashion industry, sparking a fast and violent shock. Actress Chui Nidi of kinds flash Liangpi windbreaker, leather jackets and ultra-high waist fitted, coupled with hipster leather trousers really cool colors flashed in the black sunglasses, plus one to the equipment even if the completion of the female hackers . You put it on, they begin to experience belongs to the 21st century, "the hacker philosophy.

Most elegant trench coat image

"Breakfast at Tiffany's" slim pure Audrey Hepburn giving her exquisite plate made down the street, wearing a beige windbreaker, the whole world stopped breathing. Hepburn has the double charm of the boy and the woman left most elegant figure as a windbreaker.

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