Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Suit Catelogy form Italy

Since the industrial revolution brought about the development in the seventeenth century, the Italian textile industry began to develop. Milan, Florence, Rome, Naples and other places since the 12th century, is known for producing textiles, leather products. This tradition has spread to Italy's fashion empire to form a multi-center, multi-genre pattern. The rapid development of the Italian tailored suit industry after World War II, the Italian people will do business much more than the traditional British Zegna, Cerruti 1881, Armani are developed from a family-owned small workshop to become brand stores all over the world, and the United Kingdom Savile Row or rely on several tailors all over the world, the production and sales is quite different.

tailored suit, dress shirt

With the evolution of the passage of time with the suit, Italian suits from the cut and craftsmanship can be geographically divided into three factions: Milan, Rome and Naples.

tailored suit, dress shirt

Milan sent suit tailoring and British suit is very close, shoulder slope, with thin shoulder pads, chest attached full lining, soft waist, the general jacket single row of two debit mostly open double panties, pants generally Province (pleated). Milan camp the suit outline more rounded. The Caraceni as representative.

Caraceni in Milan fame originated in Rome, the yield is very small, about 700 a year, handmade, each average working hours of 63 hours, close to the British tailoring, custom price 4100 USD.

tailored suit, dress shirt

Roman faction is characterized by: high shoulders, sleeves and the upper end is often higher than the shoulder. The split head lower, slightly narrower. The dress shirt not slits or billing panties, shorter lean to a single row of three debit majority. Pockets, and other details than the usual 10-20% smaller in proportion. Rome sent to Brioni representative. If you do not know much about Brioni's latest 007 Daniel Craig in "Casino Royale," which is wearing.

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