Thursday, January 10, 2013

Take Care of Suits Detail

Men's suits are not thousands of people side of the uniform, its charm lies in the shaping of personal style. Heart coarse floating and dismissed the nuances, it is the essence of men's suits, but also the performance of the wearer aesthetic taste and appreciation level place.

men suits,tailored suit

1. Collar: the suit collar workers like due to personal preferences vary. Rhombus and a sword-type collar to the rules elegant Kyo, shawl work seems luxurious grand. 8-10 cm wide common Ling collar make most men seem broad chest. The width of the collar of the sixties and seventies had become very large, some upturned collar almost touching the shoulder.
However, the most recent years, the collar width gradually narrowing. In the same time, the business people in the "business meetings" should not be through the wide collar points, otherwise this will give people less solemn feeling. But others may prefer a slightly narrow collar, that would seem a tall and elegant.

The general obese men might narrower collar; skinny its collar can be a little wider, so make the chest look more full. Second, the longer face to put on the collar short coat on the collar from the face, on the collar more long face appear longer the round-faced men, you can choose a longer collar style.

men suits,tailored suit

2. Shoulder: the basic style of the suit shoulder the main four. First, natural shoulder, and that is no exaggeration to not more agreeable with shoulder pads, shoulder type shot. Second, Chuijian type, the shoulders slightly rounded shoulders sagging, wear very generous, ordinary American-style jacket with shoulder type more. Third, square shoulders, shoulders slightly upturned, very suitable shrug wearing ease, dilute the characteristics of the towering shoulders, giving a soft impression. Concave shoulder, shoulder bend, Xiaojian very suitable for people wearing European-style suit with shoulder type and more.

Pocket: pocket has a casual style, formal suits should be embedded line bags. Bags stamped with the hip joints seem wide trend, too stout, you should use the embedded line without flap bag.

Back: suits the back of the only authentic decoration is riding shorts or panties. European-style suits for general use riding shorts, which can add to the sense of the slim elegant. The side slits particularly fit like hands in his pockets, people. Hips too wide to wear open the panties suit can improve visual effects, no panties elegant traditional style suit.

men suits,tailored suit

Length: the length of the tailored suit jacket, countries are not the same. British workers coat is longer, followed by American, European-style shortest. Yourself suitable for wearing on railed on length, there is a simple method, that is, when you are standing, counting from the neck to the ground a distance of 1/2 is the best. For shorter people, the hem of the coat can move up from the hip to about 1.5 cm. This would significantly long, shapely legs and some.

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