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Pants are not all equal. Not so: "no pants are good." There are several modeling and some help to improve your presentation, not disguising what we want to show and highlighting other important points. The difference being slacks and sport is basically centered on fabrics used and some details of models and style.
The slacks, no matter the color, ask fabrics like tropical, cool wool gabardine and currently preferred by discerning. Moreover pants sports or sports can be made with twill, linen, denim or velvet for the winter. There is also the patterning of tissues which is nothing more than print or raised, technically called maquinetados. The best known is the pattern pinstripe, but there are others that can also be used in slacks, as well as Prince of Wales, the herringbone (chevron) or galina foot (pied-de-poule). Let the prints bolder as seersucker (stripe colors) or tartan (checked colors and strong lines) for sports pants.

Now let's talk style trouser important point in the composition of its visuals. Basically there are four styles of pants: pleated, harem deconstructed or without pleats and slim or skinny.
Pants with pleats or Clear

It is a pair of classic straight or slightly afuniilada to be used with or without custom suits. The pleats give volume in the hip region. Usually has one or two folds on each side (side fold), and the more vocal, more volume is created and you can look fat or a real accordion. Pants at a discreet fold are well recommended. For those who have narrow hips pants with pleats help to thicken. Italian bars, no way.
Pants without pleats or deconstructed tailoring
They say that these pants lose their social appeal, but are stylish and blend well with a suit as with a polo shirt doing casual style. Are well ordered in the set jacket and pants, with simple bar without soak.

Pants Saruel
It is a hook and slacks down, modern and stylish, but not very preferred men. Should never be used with a suit, while those made in altaiataria are more elegant. If you are quietly avoid this style.

  Slim and Skinny Pants
Both casual slacks how the modeling are gaining more and well adjusted tapered mouth, following the profile of the body look slimmer and giving (fitness). Should be used with shorter rods than usual. Do not cling to a rule less 1 or 2 cm, but consider that the bar length must be appropriate to the size of your legs do not look short. If you want to look taller leave the bar as large as possible.
Aside from this there are a few more details to be observed, such as the height of the horse, belt or waistband and types of pockets.
Horse is the name given to the hook of the pants that treats the distance between the waist and crotch. There are hooks hooks ups and downs. The harem pant is an extreme example of crotch. The height of the hook is to the taste of each, but avoid too short not to shake pant private parts and compromise its presentation. I can say that the refined women do not like men who wear pants with horse at both ends. The horse also helps in defining the length of the legs.
Waistband sits at the waist that should always be well adjusted. The height of the waistband is almost standard height of most belts. If you use a wide belt need to look at this detail when buying pants. Around the waist, above the waistband, where passersby are entering their belts. Fat people are put more bushings at the rear. Nothing short of elastic type that looks like childish.

Side pockets knife type is one in diagonal position, more suitable for casual style.
Built-in side pockets is parallel with the side of his pants and gets hide, and just right. If the pocket is opening much is because the hip of the pants is not appropriate.

Ass pocket type besom pocket is built in, which may or may not have buttonholes and buttons or even an extension of buttonhole.
Flap pocket ass - has a flap over the pocket, and can also be buttoned or not. The advantage of without buttoned flap pocket can you colacar inside and look like a besom pocket. Not recommended for suits, especially for those who have flap pocket on the sides of the jacket not to get exesso tabs on your presentation.

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