Tuesday, July 9, 2013

VR Summer 2013

For summer 2013 VR prepared an amazing collection, inspired by the icons of the city of São Paulo, such as Copan, Cable-Stayed Bridge, the building of the Biennale and the Hotel Unique. The largest city in Latin America was the scene of the campaign line VR São Paulo, made ​​for the modern man who does not lose elegance in any moment of your day, without neglecting the quality of parts.

The brand carries a line of custom made suits and costumes that won slim silhouette, were shortened, the lapels were narrower and less structured shoulders. The shirts this time appear with less structured collars. The ties hold the classic colors and patterns, but gain new fabrics, like crocheting. The line VR São Paulo is full of news for summer: the unlined jackets came, the suits were made ​​of light fabric (cotton Pima currently one of the finest cottons in the world), providing all the comforts of elastane fiber, can perfectly be used in all seasons, being a tissue composed primarily of natural fibers.

In casual wear line, the brand has prepared a line of hosiery where the highlight is the tissue fluid and light as voile and linen. Chess appears again, but at the same time that the patterning appears more discrete colors appear vibrant.

In jeanswear, good old jeans is present, the differential this season are the lycra fibers, always ensuring comfort and practicality in various situations. The resin jeans also appears in the collection, this time he gets a dull sheen.

For the feet, the big bet of VR are the brogues in versions of leather or suede shoes are super versatile, allowing compose productions formal or casual.

Check out the gallery with images of the campaign

Nearly every part of a traditional suit is made from an animal product

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