Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The best tip for anyone who is quietly

Just as in my humble opinion a top tip for anyone who is paunchy is to use blazers and bespoke suits as wildcards, adjusted slightly to the silhouette and clear, closed ... for shorties (and fit) the best you can do is wear clothes that fit the body like a second skin surrounding the silhouette at whim, with the right waist and everything off with nothing, great or too long, never however crab fishing or tighten to the point of wrinkling. Excesses and shortages do not roll. Far right is the key.

If you are not so fit, right length in the sleeves and hems and it always caress the forms be made more smoothly. The same for those who are skinny to the extreme.

Perfect fit, rather than vertical stripes or any other visual gadget is that not only give you altitude as well as the authority of the "high" of its 1 meter and 60 inches. And that goes for suits, jackets, shirts, t-shirts, jeans ... well, whatever you want to use.
Tudo o que o seu terno deve emanar when done!

So if you are softly or narrowly escaped this fate, which is not the worst, always bet on this as their number one tip.

 Suit "informal"

Suit without a belt, can it?

Still on … slim fit suits versus traditional – a modern battle?


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