Monday, July 22, 2013

Suit "informal"

Informal suit

Terno InformalA suit slim fit gives a broth ... and very often the good.

And as you can see in the photo, used with a sweater and shirt without a tie and a shoe on the foot loses upon the solemn tone, without losing however austere elegance. It is because it is to lose the care when using a good suit ... best not to use. Blow something else instead. Suit was designed to use and enjoy with'm in. with élan. And always keep this in mind that you do not step on the ball, not the time to deconstruct it or strip it.

But do not think because it is a suit and expensive so you can go to a formal party or even to work if the environment is ternal. There can not. This look is very informal, casual it can even be adopted for a day's work but since your dress code does not play suits suits, now. And for a saidinhas detached, no-frills dinners or informal events ... why not?

And you believing that your custom made suits only made it not?

Detail: With tennis, he used half the color itself, giving the impression of high tops. Although I am a follower of the philosophy that half coordinates with the pants ... in this case (thanks to the use of the tennis and the color of it), it was the right call. Totally!

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