Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Quickie: Suits with patterns

Oh, there she goes again talking about suits ... oh, my! Well yes, I'll talk a little more about them.

But this time will be about suits with patterns.

A pinstripe custom suit is a classic and sophisticated type since it has the pinstripe discreet and elegant. If they are big and out there are less and less, but rather can be used as casually or even at work everyday, provided it does not ask for anything too formal. Face or even something more dressy with a certain class, if your silhouette compotasse a scale so advantaged.

Risca de gizPinstripe

But anyway, as a rule, the pinstripe is an equivalent to the suits unique pattern and smooth, right? Classic, sophisticated and the height of a formal occasion. Even at night. And in this case, for a night out, shirt and tie hold flat, one color to give the party-like tone.

Glen Plaid Suit - axadrezadoGlen Plaid Suit - checkered

Already with other patterns as Prince of Wales plaids and others are considered less formal suits should only circular day and sometimes they do not ask the formality of a suit standard smooth. Ie, they are more relaxed, they are not the best option for certain formal occasions, especially at night. Unless you are super IN. There ... anything is possible. If not or in doubt, always bet a plain or pinstriped that will always work.

And the more heavy or rough it is patterned, more informal / casual suit is the feeling.

Plaid and lightPlaid and light

And for your information there including tweed suits, but they are highly casual / informal, understood?

When in doubt, always bet on LisaO. They are more a sure thing. And sail well in all cases ternais.

Paulo Vilhena wears an elegant slim suit

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