Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Avoid Common Mistakes in Man’s Suit

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Men suits give unique personality, refined looks, comfort and safety at work. With people of style and fashion sometimes make mistakes, give the negative effect on your image or perspective. Despite the good quality fit and create fabric wrong combination of shirts, pants, ties, socks, belts and jewelry immature or bad image of his personality.
During the visit, meeting wedding or business function must be careful about your style of clothes, hair, makeup and jewelry are perfectly synchronized.Feel free to take some fashion conscious people on the bandage.Try to avoid the following error in costumes• Do not wear sandals to suit men. High quality Suit businessman• Avoid With men's suits, shoes, brogues large, especially those with square toes, should be drawn at this point. Choose something classic that stands the test of time.• Shirts with large prints, bright or shiny shirts to business suits.• Always remove designer labels or price tags of wipes.• Avoid colors flattering suit. The colors you should use. Congratulate your natural features, such as skin color eye color and body shape• Always hold the pants belt loops.• It is not enthusiastic about fashion and style, make sure it suits your meet physically.• Do not install any buttons men suits in three or four buttons.• For a small man, not wearing a long jacket. Simply shorter legs. Do not wear ties and wide lapels thick suit of men.• To prevent fat man dressed in a large costume. This makes it look thinner - it makes you look sloppy.• For the athletic man, do not wear peak lapels. The chest and shoulders are broad enough and there is no need to emphasize.• Do not use warm fabrics suit in the summer at work or attend any function• Do not use or inappropriate dress properly sewn to his body, badly dressed dirty aspect of their physical structure.• Do not keep any open shirt button man's suit.• Always wear washed socks while attending important meetings, make socks odors and bad impression on the unpleasant feeling to the people around you.• Do not wear shoes without shine.

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