Sunday, December 16, 2012

Different Shirt Styles for Different Occasions

dress shirt,shirts

Formal occasions: to attend a wedding, cocktail party or prom, must wear a formal dress shirt. First, the color of the shirt must be white, to prop out of a cocktail dress with beautiful female partners; fabric yarn spinning or coarse cotton, depending on your jacket fabric:

If wearing a tuxedo, you can take a coarse cotton shirt; other styles of jackets, then take the yarn spinning it. Want to wearing little more stylish, with a beautiful silk shirt. In addition, there needs to be a French cuffs with cuff links. Receptions and other social occasions, you can wear bright colors shell or gemstone cuff links in weddings and other occasions, you can wear one pair of athletic metallic or black gemstone cuff inks. Finally, keep in mind, not with a pocket in the shirt.
 dress shirt,shirts
Business occasions: to attend the shareholders' meeting or a business seminar, shirts can relax a little. The color can be white or other light-colored, fabric yarn spinning or coarse cotton, but we recommend you wear yarn spinning shirt to significant quality. Second, using the double-lock cuffs, substantially stable; You can also choose to wear cuff links, so more taste. Best not shirt pocket.
Leisure and business occasions: office workers wearing the shirt can be a lot of changes. Color can be optional, but it is best not to wear the more prominent color (fiery red); fabric yarn spinning, coarse cotton or cotton; can be used the the single buckle cuffs best left to more formal occasions. Shirt pocket, and convenient put some small objects.

dress shirt,shirts
Casual occasions: the usual cup of coffee to go out, wearing shirts should be very casual. Color can mix and match, not the requirements. The fabric can be coarse cotton or cotton, yarn spinning too significant heavy. Single-button cuffs cuffs, or you can also ignore European antiques are looked down upon, short-sleeved shirt. Do not wear too rigid.

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