Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Men's Formal Wear

The most elegant parties ask more formal attire. "White tie" on an invitation means the last of the traditional and conservative fashion.

Do not waste time and rock star glitz.

Gentlemen wear long black tuxedo suit, traditional with two tails, like men of distinction from the days of the Lollard rich in Tuxedo Park, New York.

A gentleman complements the white jacket with a vest instead of a belt, along with a matching tie white staircase collapsed.

Not in question acquire a knight, new formal shoes for a white tie event. Shoes must be black, and are polished to shine lights in the ballroom.

While dancing with women, men should wear white gloves to match.

Diplomats and military can be described ornament their tuxedos with small pins or medals, ranks, awards, prizes or countries of origin.
A long tradition in a ceremony also may choose to take a medal in a band over his vest.

Formal Fashion Guide: What to Wear When?

Ladies in black tie events always have a very long, very formal evening dresses.

If a woman is white or black with avoidance of a wedding party can choose deep, rich colors complement purple or maroon custom suits  to the festive atmosphere.

Women almost always wear long gloves black tie events, should be removed even sit down to dinner.

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