Thursday, December 6, 2012

How to Wear Suit Pants

Suit Pants seem to have been matching the suit jackets. Only in the summer, the suit pants  slightly improve some status. Under normal circumstances, the concern on wearing habits is the first to notice his tie, first of all because of its location is a sight most comfortable area, and vivid colors, and then along the line of sight to the shirt, jacket pants, the next is to skip directly look at the shoes. Few people watching a classic suit pants more than half a second, because the pants did not seem to attract the eye of any elements.
Unfriendly principle of tri-color suit, told us that the suit jacket and suit pants should be a uniform color and texture, the color of the suit as a whole can not be more than three. Many people follow this principle, leading to wear a suit and lost a lot of fun, and makes most men the choice of suit pants are quite simple: First, can wear; same color. Purchase a suit most of the suit, and not designed to pick a color and style novel quality suit pants.
In fact, no one ever provisions suit pants and tops the same color. The man suit can also wear eclectic.
man suit, pants

man suit, pants

man suit, pants

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