Friday, December 14, 2012

How to Wear As A Gentlemen in Summer

men suits,tailored suit

According to the standard of a gentleman, even in the summer, indoors and outdoors should also be wearing a man suit. Europe and the United States the Business Etiquette think the shirt as underwear, advised not to appear in any formal occasions, including in public places, business meeting. Normal circumstances, only in his office, before they can take off the suit, leaving little relaxation to yourself. Etiquette is respect for others, so even if it is no air conditioning in the outdoor hot weather, should not relax the dress code requirements.

men suits,tailored suit

Some people may say, that the habits of business people in Europe and the United States, many foreigners travel to China, not also not so particular about this? Seems to say, and Asians more do not have to act according to rigid rules. Do you not know that in the commercial development of Southeast Asia, such as Japan, even a hot summer day, coming out from the office staff to act a certain suit and tie neat, although the Japanese government has repeatedly called for in order to save energy, summer and want, one o'clock, and no shaken the habit of the business community. Office business people in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan is also the general requirements in accordance with such standards themselves, men will with dress, Ms. significant wool suit reflects the typical international business practices.
 men suits,tailored suit

 As for foreign tourists, for them, China is a resort holiday dress codes and business rules on attire completely different situation
As a white-collar elite or successful people, cultural etiquette is to pay attention to. If you are not accustomed to summer indoor adjusted to suit the temperature of 18 degrees, can be adjusted to fit to wear the shirt of 24 degrees, when no guests, significantly shirt, suit hang spare. But to go and be sure to bring a tailored suit, heat intolerance, then then put to the meeting place. This basically meet the needs of the office and business occasions.

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