Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bespoke Suit from Italian

custom suits,custom suit

Most of the modern men's early uniforms evolved, the British military uniforms is the world's most system and class, but also the development of the most complete, the most astute craftsmanship and design uniforms. British men in the last two centuries has profoundly affected the way they dress and taste of the modern man. British style Men also become the first choice of the British royal family, foreign dignitaries, rock star, movie biggest names and billionaires who.
However, after World War II, the Italian men's development momentum violent, and they tried to evade the men's custom style close to the uniform sense, but rather to explore the softer, smoother lines direction. , Compared with the British senior custom handmade men's, Italian style is not so strong a sense of structure and a sense of weight, but in modern society alone into a group, especially those with the representative of Italy Napoli advanced hand-set another men's custom manufacturing men's benchmark, the global quality men's favor. Many of them many picky and demanding the British autumn and winter choose to go to Savile Row, spring and summer you went to Napoli, the advantages of both each use.

As Italy's most beautiful port city, located in the the Apennine peninsula southwest coast of Naples in the Italian population toward to Naples, evening is dead "beautiful, in addition, dispersed handmade custom work in the city Square represents top quality men's custom. Napoli year round warm climate, sunny affected, Naples custom style more lightweight and soft, not deliberately to highlight the lines, but with smooth contours modified outline.
Naples shoulder (Neapolitan Shoulder) came into being, to complete this the shoulder type only master tailor. Usually the iconic Sodeyama pleated, hand-sewn cable armhole high, Sleeve slim sleeves like lines hanging on the shoulders, so wearing unrestricted action. At the same time, leading Alice mouth, generally use dual Ji-line. The waistline slightly, so that wearing more personal. The lining is also very particular about, some stores pure silk lining, some stores only half lining or the lining of the suit, which is the test of the production process.
Walk in Naples on the Street, the alley staggered air mixed with the aroma of coffee, streets studded with a variety of restaurants and handmade custom old. The Italian director Gianluca MiG Elijah Ancelotti the (Gianluca Migliarotti) had shot a duration of 67 minutes documentary about Napoli handmade custom industry "O 'Mast O' Mast intended for the master, by Napoli's custom traditional, in-depth show on the famous dressmaker of Mariano Rubin that odd the (Ma riano Ru binacci) and Claudio Anton Rini (Claudio At tolini), and more nameless craftsmen interview and express the Gakugei start from the age of 14, has over 70 years of exquisite old tailors respect.

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