Thursday, December 13, 2012

How To Behave Like Gentlemen In The Hotel

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"Gentleman"originated from the mid-17th century in Western Europe, which evolved from the knight and became prevalent to the extreme in the UK. Gentry is on behalf of a social class, social status in the UK, second only to the nobility. This class male adult is called a "gentleman" (gentleman). They advocate seeking traditional culture and values, the pursuit of self-existent goods ignorant humane lifestyle.
Gentleman must know the hotel etiquette
There are always kind of want to look honest and decent people shun to take a little hotel supplies the impulses. Such as towels, ashtrays, bathrobes, and even linen, etc., if the hotel is looking forward to these things will disappear.
If you really can not restrain their impulses, I suggest you think about it this way: "The ashtray is the property of the hotel, if I took it home, and that they must recapture on a that thieves What is the difference. "
If you really like a certain kind of object, you can call the front desk to order one. Some hotels have this service.
You really can take away only those "one-off" appliances. Such as shampoo, soap, sometimes bathroom slippers are also included. If you are unsure whether something can be taken away, they can always call the front desk to verify.
Do not forget to tip the waiter do not forget to tip the waiter
Hotel etiquette dominate
If you need someone to help you lift the luggage, you can call the waiter, but do not forget to tip him.
Most of the hotels are in the noon check-out. If you can not check out on time, remember to call the front desk to request for a longer time, or simply to be extended by a few hours.
Interval in the hotel, the room is very intensive. So if you leave very early in the morning, remember to hand closed itself off because the door will bring a huge sound, and this may affect the customers still sleeping around.
Similarly, if you come back too late, they should not in the aisles issue much laughter or shouting. Of course, we should also pay attention to the TV, the radio, the volume of the laptop.
If you live in a motel, remember do not be too hard to shut the door, because they usually stopped at the door of the house.
The suit should vary according to the grade of the hotel. If you live in upscale hotels, remember to wear a man suit and a long-sleeved shirt and dining. Of course, the hotel will welcome a variety of guests, but the performance of the elegant and make you more consistent with the environment. If you live in a motel, casual wear will be more appropriate.

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